School Visit

In 2010 Antony founded the community interest company Education Through Expeditions (ETE). ETE was set up to help increase the number of school visits Antony could manage by training young polar scientists and educators on how to deliver workshops in schools. For more information, please visit

Polar Fun Days

Through ETE’s Polar Fun Days program, schools are able to invite a Polar Adventurer or Scientist into their classroom to tell stories of their expeditions and the environments they have travelled through. With options ranging from assemblies to full activity days, Polar Fun Days teach children about the environment, animals and people of the Polar Regions, the causes and impacts of climate change, and inspire young people to follow their own dreams in life.

Antony and his team have now visited over 700 schools internationally.

“We had the most wonderful day with ETE a few weeks ago. The experience will never be forgotten by the children. Both explorers made their presentations inspirational and interesting and 'hands on' for all the children. The children have not stopped talking about it. We would like to give our greatest thanks to both explorers for this first class experience.”
- Miss K Hudson

"As a teacher, I applaud the work of Education through Expeditions. ETE goes beyond what is experienced by pupils in the classroom and does something that is hard to achieve; being a crucial link between learning in a school environment and the actual applications of explorers in the field. ETE helps to bring education alive, and their fantastic online resources make for educationally stimulating and engaging lessons”
- Mr Andrew Nicol


To book a Polar Fun Day please use our contact page to find out more information!

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