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Liketobe - how a simple question, starts a journey of inspiring young people to make informed career choices

Hello, my name is Antony Jinman and as you can see from my website, I am the 12th Briton to have skied to the Geographic North Pole and solo to the Geographic South Pole. In 2009, I founded a social enterprise called Education Through Expeditions, which delivers school visits and polar science workshops. My team and I have now visited over 800 schools internationally, but wanted to do more. During my early adventures, I realised that I could connect to schools using a satellite phone and built a website allowing pupils to ask questions directly to me via that satellite phone. But still I wanted to do more, and realised that the expeditions could be used as a catalyst to link polar experts (scientists and educators) on the same website with schools. When I last journeyed to Antarctica in 2016, schools were asking me questions to my .. iphone! I suddenly released that I could link any professional person with teachers in a similar way. So, I have built and developed a website called www.LiketoBe.org

LiketoBe is a dedicated networking platform, specifically for educators to connect with business, industry, and professional people. In order to help scale our service and build a new team to market our service to both schools and businesses, I need to raise some investment and so I am releasing equity in the business and am inviting people to buy a share or two. Interested? Well please continue reading ..

I believe that the biggest barrier to young people’s aspirations, is the lack of knowledge and understanding of what career opportunities there are. Pupils, largely depend on parents or teachers for career inspiration, who may themselves lack business or industry experience.

83% of UK schools do not employee career guidance staff, resulting in 70% of young people leaving education with no idea of what they want to do.

Various employment sectors face skills shortages and retention issues, but employers simply do not have the time to send employees visiting schools.

LiketoBe is a digital solution, that enables teachers and parents to quickly and efficiently, build networks of professional people and employers, helping young people find their aspirations and answer the question, "When I leave school, I'd like to be .."

This is done by businesses and employees building profiles and sharing posts, content and resources about their daily job and what the company does. Teachers can search this network and join groups and profiles, accessing current career examples.

If you would like to join our network, and share my own passion for helping to raise children’s aspirations, please visit www.LiketoBe.org

If you would also like to invest in LiketoBe and become a shareholder for as little as £15, then please visit https://www.seedrs.com/like-to-be

Thank you for your interest in my site and my next big project!


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