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Lapland 2017 Blog - Final few days

Following a spectacular light show in the evening sky, day four of the Finland expedition was filled with exciting and fun activities, such as a walk up a hillside on snow shoes and a visit to the Sami museum.

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The three different tribes of Sami - the Northern, the Inari and the Skolt - really put the complication of culture into perspective as we learnt about their different languages and ways of life. Whilst at the museum in Inari, we learnt how to greet people, say goodbye and even count to 10 in the Northern Sami language as well as getting a chance to dress in the traditional clothing of the Inari Sami people. Finley, from Marine Academy Plymouth Primary, enjoyed this the most, saying, "We learnt about different cultures and I liked it because it was different." The contrasts between our Western lives and that of the Sami show that the indigenous people of Finland are unquestionably unique, living off the beauty of simplicity, and with a deep connection to the land, they remind us that a strong sense of trust and community is important in any society.

17457686 1950987031839709 8814075610954391326 nThe showing of the Northern Lights was amazing as the greens and blues appeared like brush strokes on a black starry canvas and brought the group together as we gazed at the natural wonder. The Northern Lights weren't the only wonder witnessed though, as on top of the hill that was trekked up in snow shoes held a sight like something from a fairy tale - the glistening frozen lakes and snow-dusted trees reaching for the sky left everyone breathless. That, and the exhausting climb! Charlie, from Riverside Community Primary, said: "I liked going down the slippery hill on my bum as I've never done it before." Charlie's opinion shows that something tiring can all be worth it at the end, whether it is an amazing view or a fun slide down a hill, new opportunities will always bring people together.

Despite the brilliant activities today, an atmosphere of anticipation still lingers for the group as we wait for the husky sled ride into the wilderness.

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