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Lapland 2017 Day Three Blog

Day three of the Finland expedition has been so special; with unbelievable sights and exciting opportunities available to the group, and although the temperature is cold, our minds are warm with the incredible knowledge that we have all learnt.

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Today, we have had the amazing opportunity to take a visit to the Sami Parliament building in Inari and also visit a reindeer farm. In both of these locations, we have been able to learn a great deal about the Sami people, who are indigenous to Finland, as well as learn a few words in their language. During our time today, we went on a reindeer ride, in which a reindeer pulled two people on a sled and we had the opportunity to sit in the very room where all of the Sami Government holds its meetings. We learnt about the different equipment that the Sami people hand-make, and one student from Marine Academy Plymouth, Mohammed, acknowledged: "The Parliament building was so fun! I learnt a lot about the Sami and really liked the handmade objects because even though they are handmade they're so practical." One student from Riverside Community Primary, Cody, quotes that: "The velvet on the reindeer's antlers is so nice. I liked getting the chance to feed them because they are so different from anything that we have back home in Plymouth." 

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This shows how a little adventure goes a long way in letting young people grow and gain new experiences. Jeff Dawson from the Tamar View Youth Project shared his opinion on how the information gathered throughout the day has affected not just him, but everyone on this team: "Talking with the guide at the Parliament building, Katariina Guttorm, was fascinating as she shared the amazing education of Finnish children and I think that our children could also benefit from similar methods. Sami culture is extremely interesting and Katariina's insight was only enhanced by the richness of the experience at the Reindeer farm. All of the Sami people that we have met have come across as warm, friendly and hospitable, and it has been such a privilege to be given this small insight into their heritage and culture." 

To end this amazing day, everyone had fun sliding down the slopes with sleds, and this fun activity has brought everybody together and strengthened the bonds of friendship.

As a whole, today was incredible; we have learnt about the Sami people and even got to ride on a Reindeer sled, and the fun is not over yet! We still have two days left of breathtaking experiences and activities that the group are so excited to get stuck into.

Blog post by Jess Stainsby

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